25 June 2019

Wayne Taylor & Appaloosa (USA) - what you see...

The BIB post of five days ago showed a photo of Wayne Taylor & Appaloosa with Keith Arneson on banjo. In their trip this coming autumn to headline the Moniaive Michaelmas Bluegrass Festival in Scotland (and to play in Ireland as well?), Donnie Little of North Carolina will be playing banjo. Many thanks to Wayne Taylor for these photos of the band that will be coming over, and for supplying this information on Donnie:

I think you will appreciate all he has done in his life. He started playing early in his life, as his father was a bluegrass musician that led the Little Family band. His father built a smaller-sized banjo, and when he was five years old he played that mini-banjo at NC State University on the same concert with Mother Maybelle Carter. Donnie was a regular at Brother Oswald's Christmas parties and traded licks with Earl Scruggs on many occasions. Donnie has many students: he teaches banjo, guitar, mandolin, and dobro. Quite the bluegrass contributor.

Wayne adds:

I'm sure you're familiar with Emory Lester's mandolin playing. Emory also teaches many students, played in Del McCoury's Dixie Pals back in the day, and plays with Mark Johnson as a duo.

So what you see above is what the BIB hopes we shall get in the first two days of October.

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