20 June 2019

Wayne Taylor & Appaloosa (USA) - for Ireland this October?

Halfway through 2019, this is already a classic year for great visiting bands, and the second half begins with a powerful double helping: Sideline (USA) and Alecia Nugent (USA) and her band. who will be followed by outstanding festival lineups.

Thanks now to Wayne Taylor and his band Appaloosa (above) for this prospect of keeping up the heat (and the standard) into the autumn. Wayne writes:

I am Wayne Taylor, former band mate of Bill Emerson, and band leader for Appaloosa. Wayne Taylor and Appaloosa is comprised of Emory Lester, mandolin, Kene Hyatt on bass, Donnie Little on banjo and myself on lead vocals and guitar. We performed at the European World of Bluegrass in 2010, and have performed in Scotland, Norway, Holland in previous occasions. We are trying to get more performance venues during our tour starting 27 Sept. and returning to the US on 4 Oct. 2019.

We are scheduled to perform at the Moniave Michaelmas Bluegrass Festival in Moniave, Scotland, on 27-29 September. We plan on traveling to Ireland on the 30th, and are open to perform in Ireland on the 1st and 2nd of October, travel back to Scotland in the morning of Oct. 3rd, scheduled to perform again at Macmerry Primary School in Scotland in the evening, and travel back to USA on the 4th.

Any help in securing performances on the 1st and 2nd of October would be greatly appreciated. Please visit our website for more information.

The highly respected bluegrass DJ Dennis Jones (see Bluegrass Today) wrote: 'Whether singing one of his own great songs or a carefully selected cover, Wayne Taylor delivers it with heart and soul. His feel for the tradition and the incredible band Appaloosa show bluegrass in a fantastic modern light. Go see them... and buy two CDs.' The BIB hopes this fine band will be performing in Ireland in October.

NB: The photo above shows Keith Arneson on banjo. Donnie Little, who will be with the band on the tour, is highly regarded both for playing and for setting up banjos, and can be seen in many YouTube videos.

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