28 November 2018

Mygrassisblue.com and the open road ahead

Following the BIB post of 22 Nov. announcing the new enterprise Mygrassisblue.com, dedicated to bringing top bluegrass to Ireland, thanks again to Dave Byrne (son of the great Dave Byrne of East Coast Radio and Midlands Radio 3) for explaining where Mygrassisblue.com comes from, and where he and his father mean to take it. The BIB added the bold type:

I guess it was all born out of a deep-rooted passion for the music – suffice it to say, Dad always had country and bluegrass on in the house when growing up (and still does), and when you throw enough mud some of it is bound to stick!

Dad and I have spent the last three summers travelling Stateside for bluegrass gigs and festivals. A combination of the welcoming and inclusive nature of the bluegrass family and artists expressing a lifelong desire to play over here is what has us were we are – 'we’d love to, we just don’t know who to contact or how to go about it' or 'we’d love to, but we’ve never been approached by anyone about it' sums up what we’re hearing over and over from willing-to-travel artists.

Of course there are well-established proponents of the genre over here who already do a great job facilitating visiting artists. We’re looking to add to that by putting in place our own (very hands-on) service, everything from the planning and management of a gig or tour to its promotion/ marketing and exposure online (hence the Social Media channels and domain name) - an all-inclusive one-stop service, if you will, for visiting bands and artists (just get on the flight and we’ll take it from there).

It’s early days, of course. We’re busy networking (especially with venues who, understandably, are wary of the unknown quantity that is Mygrassisblue.com) and finding our way, but we’re excited… and have some equally exciting prospects lined up. At the very least we’ll have fun trying to make this a success, trying to get some of the best in the world at what they do in front of what we know is an appreciative Irish audience.

In the BIB's view, this venture deserves the support of bluegrass fans throughout Ireland. The BIB is also happy to draw attention to Dave senior's broadcasts every Monday (7.00-9.00 p.m.) on www.PhoenixCountryRadio.com for the best in real country and bluegrass. All past shows are archived on Mixcloud at www.mixcloud.com/byrnescountry.

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