22 November 2018

Mygrassisblue.com to bring Kristy Cox to Ireland, May 2019

Thanks to Dave Byrne (son of the great Dave Byrne of East Coast Radio and Midlands Radio 3) for this announcement of a new enterprise, Mygrassisblue.com, dedicated to bringing bluegrass to Ireland:

We are an Irish-based team with a fervour for all things bluegrass. We aim to promote the best of the genre & to specialise in bringing it home to Ireland, back to its roots.

If you’re an artist, band, or representative agent with a client who is interested in touring Ireland, get in touch & we’ll work to make it happen. Pinky promise.

Oh, and our new online presence is coming soon. We’re working on the arrangement.

The first step by Mygrassisblue.com in making the project a reality is a tour in Ireland by the highly successful Australian bluegrass and country singer Kristy Cox. Australia's bluegrass performers, like its luthiers, are at international standard, and Kristy Cox is frequently featured on Bluegrass Today; so the tour, scheduled for 11-19 May 2019, is really something to look forward to. More details will be coming in the near future.

How serious Mygrassisblue.com are about 'bringing bluegrass back to its roots' is shown on their website: in the following quote from the notes to the 2003 album The Three Pickers, Ricky Skaggs gives the origins of his instrumental 'The road to Spencer':

I wrote this next instrumental… I thought so long and hard about the roots of bluegrass music & where it came from, emm, in my studies of Bill Monroe’s music, Flatt & Scruggs, the Stanley Brothers, people like that… and eh, my first trip to Ireland… felt like I’d died and went home. It felt so wonderful to be there and play music with the neighbours in the hood over there… and eh, they sure know how to play… it wasn’t no strain at all for me to jump right in & play the tunes I knew and they mixed right with tunes they knew and many of them were the same tunes just with different names… and eh, I kinda thought of that when I wrote this tune… kinda started out the Celtic way and kick into a little bluegrass.

The BIB wishes Mygrassisblue.com success!

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