22 December 2018

Mygrassisblue.com bring Sideline (USA) to Ireland, 9-14 July 2019

Many thanks to Dave Byrne senior and junior, the team behind the driving new agency Mygrassisblue.com (see the BIB for 22 Nov. and 28 Nov.) for this good news - Dave describes it as a Christmas cracker, but 'a whopping great present' might be a better description...

It’s Christmas, the season of good will and festive cheer, and we have a cracker just for you!

Although having recently celebrated five years as the pedigree six-piece powerhouse they are, Sideline founders Steve Dilling, Skip Cherryholmes, and Jason Moore can all claim their own historical significance to the genre as members of highly awarded groups with multiple Grand Ole Opry appearances and decades of national and international touring experience between them.

What started as a side project for seasoned players, hence the name, Sideline has since released four critically acclaimed albums combining a well-chosen mix of new material with hard-hitting neo-traditional covers of bluegrass classics. Recorded or live, their pulse-pounding drive, perfect timing, crisp instrumentals, powerful harmonies, and on-stage energy and finesse remind fans why they fell in love with bluegrass in the first place, and they can’t wait to bring their show to an Irish audience. You don’t want to miss this!

The team at Mygrassisblue.com wishes everyone a happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Oh, and of course we ho ho hope to see you all at a bluegrass gig in 2019!

Details of the schedule will follow in January. More about Sideline is on their website and on Bluegrass Today.

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