02 June 2021

High-quality open-back banjos for sale - and raffle

FOAOTMAD, the UK's organisation for old-time music and dance, announces on its news blog today that several high-quality open-back banjos, vintage and new-build alike, are offered for sale. Stu Weetman (for photos and info, e-mail) has
James Bowen of Griffin Banjos (for photos and info, e-mail) has
  • a Griffin 'Titania', 12" pot, 100-year-old mahogany, unique titanium Whyte Laydie tone ring, £1575. 
  • a Griffin 'Thunderballs', 11" pot, hard maple, brass tone ring. £1375.
The FOAOTMAD blog also carries announcements of several old-time events to be held in Britain during the latter half of 2021. The organisers of the Sweet Sunny South festival in Sussex, England, have decided to hold the event live on 10-12 Sept. 2021. Full details are on the website and the FOAOTMAD blog. Note that each all-inclusive ticket automatically enters the buyer into a raffle for an Islander Ash Leaf open-back banjo. The raffle will be drawn even if, for whatever reason, the festival does not take place.

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