26 March 2021

Industrial strength bluegrass out today (26 Mar. 2021); livestream concert TOMORROW

On 29 Jan. the BIB reported on the forthcoming issue of a book and an album both commemorating bluegrass from the southwestern Ohio area, which played an important part in the development of the music.

The book is Industrial strength bluegrass: southwestern Ohio's musical legacy, edited by Fred Bartenstein and Curtis W. Ellison and published by the University of Illinois Press in their 'Music in American Life' series; the names of the editors and publishers are strong recommendation in themselves. The album, under the same title, is being released today (26 March) by Smithsonian Folkways. and in a major feature on Bluegrass Today (in which all sixteen tracks of the album can be heard in full*) John Curtis Goad gives a comprehensive and warmly favourable review of it, culminating with the words:

I could probably talk about this album, the artists it pays tribute to, and the artists who perform on it, for days. This right here is the kind of music I grew up listening to, and what I still prefer personally today.

East Public Relations, who today publicise the album, also announce a special one-day-only livestream concert to mark the release, featuring Rhonda Vincent & the Rage, The Isaacs, the Caleb Daugherty Band, and Joe Mullins & the Radio Ramblers, all of whom are featured on the album. All-access tickets ($14.95) can be bought here.

*The tracks could be heard in full this morning, but since then the player has been changed to give 30-second samples instead.

Update: An introductory video by Joe Mullins, with evocative views of historic venues in Dayton, OH, is on YouTube.

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