16 March 2021

Carlton Haney, 19 Sept. 1928-16 Mar. 2011

Ten years ago today, Lawrence Carlton Haney (left) of North Carolina died after a stroke at the age of 82. The BIB's post of that date balked at trying to do justice to such a multifaceted individual, who had such an influence on bluegrass history; however, there and on 11 Apr. 2011 the BIB gave links to a number of the most informative sources on his life, career, and personality.

To mark this anniversary, the BIB cannot do better than recommend a second time the YouTube video 'Carlton Haney, Jimmy Martin, and Bluegrass Pythagoras', which was first noted on the BIB on 6 June 2018. As was noted at the time, it gives 'some feel of the cement, gravel, and iron that went into the foundations of the music'.

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