11 April 2011

More on Carlton Haney

Just under a month ago the BIB posted news of the death of Carlton Haney (shown left), a major figure in bluegrass history. We noted at the time that he was too big a figure for the BIB to attempt an obituary.

Now, fortunately, thanks to Richard F Thompson a much fuller account of Carlton Haney's life and achievements has appeared on the original Bluegrass Blog, and we strongly recommend reading all of it. Musician Warren Amberson is quoted:

I’ve often said there are people in bluegrass music with many Grammys, and honors with money that goes along with that, but they didn’t really know bluegrass because they didn’t know Carlton Haney.

And bluegrass historian Neil Rosenberg:

Much that we now take from granted today about the world of bluegrass would not have happened without his enthusiasm, his vision, his energy, and his warm welcoming ways.

Find out why on the Bluegrass Blog.



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