28 August 2020

Roscommon County Line from Mules & Men

On the eve of lockdown Dublin's Mules & Men released The John Keavney singles (see the BIB for 19 and 21 Mar.). Today, the band have released their full ten-track, 99.9%-original* album Roscommon County Line, with this announcement on their Facebook (bold type and links added by the BIB):

Here it is! We've been incubating this baby for almost a year, like so many other bands delaying the release until we can launch it with a gig but sure that's life.

We're very happy to share Roscommon County Line. It was a real pleasure to record and is our first record with Paddy and Niall and sure aren't they great.

You can support us here on bandcamp if you want, or listen for free on the usual digital distribution services. Funnily enough, we made a small typo when we were handing over our cash to Spotify and the album's called Roscommon Country Line. Haha, imagine, Roscommon, a country! Profound. They say they will amend it in a week or two.

Anyway, enjoy and share. Thanks from Luke, Paddy, Lily, and Niall, for all the great support we continually receive. We miss the gigs greatly, but at least we had great fun doing the streams over the summer and getting to connect with you again.

We want to dedicate this album to Aran Wooly Sheehan who we lost this year, who promoted 'havin' it' , and without whom there would be no Dublin Bluegrass Community, which still plays in his honour, with the same spirit.

Love & Rockets xxxx

*The track 'Disco' includes the Ronnie McCoury tune 'Noppit Hill breakdown'.

Mules & Men is Lily Sheehan (guitar, vocals), Niall Hughes (bass, vocals), Paddy Cummins (mandolin, vocals), and Luke Coffey (banjo, vocals). During lockdown they've been far from idle, turning out in June a punchy, bouncy, hard-driving, wide-ranging ninety-minute online set, and two weeks ago their version of the neglected gem 'Lost' by Buzz Busby.

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