24 May 2020

Virtual Bluegrass Omagh 2020: the first two nights

The BIB editor reports:

Virtual Bluegrass Omagh 2020 is proving very enjoyable, and the first two nights can be thoroughly recommended. Richard Hurst, head of the festival organising team, introduces:
The contribution by Aaron Jonah Lewis (c.5:00 to c.7:30 on Saturday) is a special treat for banjo-players. Aaron, who has toured Ireland several times with the Corn Potato String Band, is playing here 'Banjotown', written by the great English player and composer Joe Morley (1867-1937) - and he does a superb job. Don't take my word for it - read the comments of people such as Jens Kruger and Tony Trischka on Aaron's latest album, Mozart of the banjo: the Joe Morley project.

Note for banjo nerds: Joe Morley played a 7-string fretless banjo up to 1891, when Clifford Essex persuaded him that he needed a fretted 5-string to play for London audiences. They compromised on six strings.

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