03 May 2020

Improvising - not just on the banjo

IN the Deering Banjos Blog series of instruction and advice from Hank Smith (above), the remarkable banjo player of Hank, Pattie, & the Current, the latest episode is 'Improvising tips'. In just under eleven minutes, Hank demonstrates how to develop variations on 'Blackberry blossom' on a basis of chord sequence, the notes of the scale, and varying right-hand patterns.

Hank gives a caution: 'At first, it's going to be pretty mindless noodling; it's not really going to sound like much; but it'll keep you going, and you'll be able to hear how improvisation works.' This approach to improvisation (at what could be called a mechanical level) can of course be applied to all the instruments, not just the banjo.



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