06 February 2020

A unique Deering banjo up for auction

Jamie Deering, the new CEO of Deering Banjos, announces on the Deering blog a unique new custom banjo, which is up for auction in aid of the Rory Hensman Conservation and Research Unit (RHCRU) in South Africa.

The African Elephant Goodtime Charity Banjo is essentially a one-off Goodtime Artisan with a special elephant-head peghead inlay and elephant-grey wood finish. The image on the head was painted by Chishuru, a bull elephant at the RHCRU. (Another elephant, Nuanedi, was intrigued by getting a sound out of Jamie Deering's personal travel banjo.)

Bids for this unique instrument can be put in till 6.00 p.m. on 15 February. Read more here.

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