05 June 2019

Sore Fingers: new developments before the Jubilee

John and Moira Wirtz, organisers of Sore Fingers Summer Schools in England, announce that the Easter 2020 Sore Fingers Week will be the twenty-fifth event of the series. Before that takes place, however, there will be other Sore Fingers events:
  • the annual October weekend (25-27 Oct. this year), in which the teaching staff will include Bill Forster on banjo, and there will be a special new course on improvisation;
  • a new week-long course on Monroe-style mandolin (3-9 Nov. 2019), taught by the uniquely qualified Mike Compton and held in Andalusia, Spain*;
  • the selection of tutors for Easter 2020 is in progress.
With a glance at the uncertainties of many aspects of contemporary life, John and Moira announce: 'We are determined to see SF through these difficult times and continue to offer the best value-for-money, high-quality learning opportunities over here in Britain and Europe.' Read more in the latest Sore Fingers news release.

* BIB editor's note: Not to be confused with Kate Lissauer's old-time music learning holidays, also in Andalusia.

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