18 March 2019

Gerry Madigan: 'Build that pipeline!'

Eighteen months ago (see here) Gerry Madigan, pioneer of professional bluegrass banjo playing in Ireland, toured here with George Kaye, pioneer of professional bluegrass fiddling in Ireland. Gerry has been resident in Canada for several years now, and late last year he joined the Spitzee Post Band in High River, Alberta. Thanks to Gerry, who sends his best regards to everyone on the bluegrass scene here, together with this update on his own activities:

I wrote a song in support of the pipeline here in Alberta, 'Build that pipeline' – a major national economic crisis – without pipelines our economy will continue to spiral downwards. Nice coverage from CBC TV National.

The Spitzee Post Band can be seen and heard singing 'Build that pipeline' on the 'Music' page of their website and on YouTube.

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