02 May 2018

Bluegrass, newgrass, old-time, and Americana music just published

Thanks to Richard Thompson for drawing our attention to a new book released on 1 May: Bluegrass, newgrass, old-time, and Americana music, written by Craig Harris and published by Pelican Press in the USA.

Craig Harris has followed bluegrass music for fifty years and has written extensively on it and other music for most of that time, and the sixty-three photos in the book were all taken by him as staff photographer at many festivals. The list of musicians he has interviewed is too long to reproduce here; for more details, see Richard's feature on Bluegrass Today, where there is an exhilarating twelve-minute music video about the book (also on YouTube).

This looks like an indispensable complement to Neil Rosenberg's classic history of bluegrass. The Pelican website gives the list price as $24.95 but also offers it at $19.96 (or $16.95 and $13.56 as an e-publication).

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At 2:20 pm, Blogger Unknown said...

Can I send you a corrected cover?

At 6:12 pm, Blogger Richard Hawkins said...

Thanks, Craig, but there is now no need: I have used the corrected image as shown on Amazon, and have amended the post accordingly. All good wishes for the success of the book,

BIB editor


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