12 January 2023

Detached notes (updated)

Tim O'Brien and Jan Fabricius, who will tour Ireland later this month

The many-talented Tim O'Brien is interviewed on Bluegrass Today by Lee Zimmerman, and talks about Colorado and its progressive bluegrass scene, Hot Rize (with whom he toured more than once in Ireland), moving to Nashville, his sister Mollie, and the present and future of bluegrass music.
Two new singles from former Omagh festival headliners: the Gibson Brothers' official video for 'One minute of you', from their upcoming album Darkest hour, has been premiered on the Bluegrass Situation and is also on YouTube. More details and other news of the brothers are on their latest e-newsletter. (Update 21 Jan.: Nancy Posey reviews Darkest hour on No Depression; the review includes three YouTube cuts from the album.) And Darin & Brooke Aldridge have a new single from their current album This life we're livin: the Guy Clark song 'Die tryin''. It can be heard on Bluegrass Today or on YouTube.
The Earl Scruggs Center in Shelby, NC, announces that a 'Remembering Earl' benefit concert and Encore After Party will be held in Shelby on Sat. 4 Mar. 2023, featuring the Dan Tyminski Band (Dan Tyminski has played here several times as a member of Alison Krauss & Union Station) and the Po' Ramblin' Boys (who we have been waiting to see and hear since 2017).
For pickers who have hand problems, or are apprehensive about developing them, the Fretboard Journal recently shared a 45-minute video in which guitarist Tim Lerch and hand surgeon Dr Geoffrey Yule discuss different types of arthritis, tendonitis, prevention, the art of warming up, the importance of mental attitude, and more. Don't mind that Lerch's guitar is a Telecaster: the subject affects all fretted instrument players.
A week ago Bluegrass Today carried two banjo-related news items: on Bill Evans and his winning the Steve Martin Banjo Prize this year (along with Enda Scahill); and the sale at auction of Sonny Osborne's custom Stelling Sonflower banjo to benefit the IBMA Trust Fund, which brought in $23,500.
Since Tom Nechville retired from the factory and set up Nechville Banjos West, the team at Nechville Musical Products in Minnesota have continued to develop their range of instruments and luthiery processes. They proudly add that 'our tuners (Gotoh, Japan or Rickard, Canada) are the only parts not manufactured in the US or right in our shop. Besides the exotic wood and shell of course. Oh and our Atlas hardware comes from a small shop in Canada.' Their website is full of information and good advice on setting up and maintaining banjos. Musicians in Ireland with Nechville instruments include Enda Scahill, Paddy Kiernan, and Luke Coffey.

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