04 February 2017

Introducing the Po' Rambling Boys (USA)

Thanks to our good friend Jan Michielsen - guitarist with 4 Wheel Drive (NL/D/BE) and mandolinist with Blue Maxx (BE) - for this introduction to a rising young US band with good credentials:

I’d like you to meet The Po’ Ramblin’ Boys from East Tennessee. They were over here at the Continent in 2015, and in 2016 me and Paolo Dettwiler from Switzerland set up a second tour through Belgium, Holland, Germany, Sweden, and Switzerland.

The boys were an instant success with bluegrass audiences over here. They are young but they play traditional bg (standards as well as originals) as the best. They have a rhythm that is outstanding. They just released their first CD on Randm Records (
Back to the mountains), and they are working on a second one now.

I’d invite you to take a look at the videos they have in the video section of their website. They are also very good people, very well mannered and professionals, a joy to work with. I’m 100% sure they would be an instant hit in Ireland (and the UK) too.

From someone with Jan's exacting critical standards when it comes to performing bluegrass, this is quite some recommendation. News of the Boys is often on Bluegrass Today, and their mandolinist C.J Lewandowski contributed detailed and well illustrated accounts of their two European tours - in 2015 they played five countries in ten days, and in 2016 extended the tour to three weeks. C.J. is a former member of the James King Band, and two years ago the Boys became the de facto James King Band. C.J. has also played with the Karl Shiflett and Big Country Show, and the Boys' banjo player Jereme Brown is the son of legendary Kentucky banjo player Tommy Brown (featured on Bluegrass Today two days ago).

Well, Jan has got the BIB's attention, and we hope to see and hear the Po’ Ramblin’ Boys over here whenever that can be arranged.

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