04 October 2022

Dom Flemons and 'Shultz's Dream' (update)

Last Saturday, as part of the events of the final day of IBMA's World Of Bluegrass 2022, Dom Flemons (right) presented a commemoration of Arnold Shultz (1996-1931), the black Kentucky musician whose playing strongly influenced the young Bill Monroe. Beforehand, Dom Flemons was interviewed by Stacy Chandler for No Depression; the edited interview can now be read as 'Dom Flemons to bring bluegrass history to life with "Shultz’s Dream" performance'. 'Shultz's Dream' is both the name of the group of musicians in the presentation, and the name of a song by Flemons, telling Shultz's story. Near the end of the interview, Flemons says:

There’s no reason for people to believe that the African American influences on bluegrass music are any way in conflict with the story everyone in this community already knows.

Update 5 Oct.: In Frank Baker's gallery of fifty-seven photos from Saturday's shows at World Of Bluegrass. images 11-19 are of the 'Shultz's Dream' set.

© Richard Hawkins

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