02 November 2021

National Native American Heritage Month

The commemorative period now known as National Native American Heritage Month began yesterday (1 Nov.) in the USA. The BIB combines marking the occasion with remembering Raymond Fairchild (left) of Cherokee, NC, who died two years ago (see Bluegrass Today for 14 Oct. 2019, the BIB post of the following day, and Banjo News Letter). A phenomenal banjo-player, he was also proud of his Cherokee ancestry.

The account the BIB gave in 2019 can be amended by watching the first two-and-a-half minutes of Alan Lomax's 1991 film 'Appalachian journey' on YouTube. At 1:55 Lomax asks Raymond 'Are you proud of your Indian blood?'; he replies 'Yes sir. Definitely', and shortly afterwards is shown saying 'I'm proud to be a mountain man; and I'm proud to be a banjo-picker. I don't care what you say about it!'

© Richard Hawkins

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