09 April 2021

Fundraising begins for Beyond the Tagus River

Following on from the BIB posts of 31 Mar. and 6 Apr., we report that André Dal has today (Fri. 9 Apr.) launched the Crowdfunding Campaign for his forthcoming album Beyond the Tagus River. The campaign, with a target of €1,800, is to end on 17 May, a month ahead of the scheduled album launch. André writes:

As rewards, there's the album itself, T-shirts, a banjo tablature book of all the tunes in the album, and the logo or website link printed in the album. Here is the link, and thank you so much for helping me to spread the word about 'a global potpourri of acoustic excellence', as Tony Trischka puts it.

Update 21 Apr.: André reported on Mon. 19 Apr. that the response to his campaign has already achieved the target sum. The campaign will remain open till 17 May.
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