06 April 2021

'Beyond the Tagus River' (II)

Following on from the BIB post of 31 Mar., thanks to André Dal in Portugal for this video, which he published on YouTube on 1 Apr. It is the title track of his debut album project, Beyond the Tagus River; a highly accomplished original composition, delivered with precision and passion by Meade Richter (USA), fiddle; Olivier Uldry (CH), dobro; Reuben Agnew (NI), guitar; Jean-Michel Pache (CH), mandolin; Gil Pereira (PT), upright bass; and André himself on banjo. Mixing and mastering is by Jason Borisoff and graphics by Hildebrando Soares. The press release explains that this single is

[...] a tune in which André crosses his rural south Portugal origins, a region called Alentejo (which literally means 'Beyond Tagus'), and the traditional background of bluegrass music. 'Beyond the Tagus River' is, therefore, a bluegrass medium tempo with a very strong Alentejo feeling.

and, on the whole album project,

With the participation of 16 musicians from 10 different countries, Beyond the Tagus River is, in fact, a bridge between continents, between the past and the future, which unites the friendship of all who love this style of music.

The great US banjoist Tony Trischka comments:

All in all, this is a fantastic project, worthy of many repeated listenings…. Beyond the Tagus River is a global potpourri of acoustic excellence. Thank you André for this gift.

André (who is also on Instagram) will run a crowdfunding campaign between this coming Friday, 9 April, and 17 May. The album is scheduled for release on 17 June. The single can be pre-saved on Spotify.

© Richard Hawkins

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