06 April 2021

A new era for bluegrass in Brazil: the Irish connection

Thanks to César Benzoni (right) for this news, all the way from Galway city, where as well as playing mandolin and guitar in the Rocky River Bluegrass Show, he is a sound engineer and video maker, operating Yodel Recording Services (see the BIB for 2 Sept. 2020). César comes originally from some way further west: Brazil, where he ran the São Paulo Bluegrass Music Association in succession to its founder, Erio Meili. César writes:

I'm touching bases to let you know that I'm in the process of converting São Paulo Bluegrass Music Association to Brazilian Bluegrass Music Association. It is a huge country, and a lot of new artists that are willing to learn bluegrass there don't feel represented for something aiming only for São Paulo.

I'm working on the brand new website, where we'll have news, bluegrass history, interviews, lessons, teachers, and so on. I want it to be a big resource for people getting into the genre. On 21 April it's gonna be ten years since Erio passed, that's the day I will release the website, honouring his memory.

Besides that, social media is huge there (more than I can follow, actually), so I'm making an Instagram page to help promote it as well. This way we can spread bluegrass a bit more and help to bring a community together. I was impressed by the number of new people learning the banjo or mandolin there.

BIB editor's note: Erio Meili was an admirable man, full of good humour and goodwill, and before his regrettably early death he kept Brazil represented at every annual IBMA World of Bluegrass. Everyone who knew him will be glad that his memory is being honoured in this way. César's new logo for the new association is at the head of this post.

© Richard Hawkins

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