23 July 2020

Mountain Minor news for July 2020

Writer/ director Dale Farmer, heading the team responsible for The mountain minor, the film drama of Appalachian migration and old-time music, sends the project's latest newsletter. The film is receiving very positive responses from viewers, and screenings are serving to bring together members of the Appalachian diaspora communities in Northern cities. Kentucky Educational Television will be showing it tomorrow (Fri. 24 July), with an encore at midnight on Saturday. Other networks may be following suit.

The soundtrack of the film is finished and mastered, and liner notes and artwork are complete, so that if the CD is self-published it might be ready for release as early as September this year. More details, including reports on what members of the cast are doing now, and some tantalising hints on a future film drama set in 1939, can be seen on the e-newsletter.

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