20 July 2020

A new beginning

Thanks to Loudon Temple for the news that, after having been obliged to suspend his long-established Brookfield Knights agency owing to lack of support during this year's crisis (see the BIB for 8 June), he has opened another website, Beenandgoneanddoneit.com, dedicated to another of his enduring passions - travel writing. In fact, as Loudon explains,

... it was a travel-writing commission that took me to MerleFest in North Carolina the led me to set up and launch the music agency, so we've actually gone full circle!

The photo above comes from among the illustrations to Loudon's article on MerleFest, 'A natural high in the Appalachians of North Carolina', written at a time when Doc Watson and Earl Scruggs were both on the bill. This is just one of many articles on locations in several continents that can be read on Beenandgoneanddoneit.com. The image below, taken from an illustration by the late Alasdair Gray, is a further bonus.

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