14 August 2019

Della Mae, Ron Block for Tradfest in Dublin, 22-26 Jan. 2020 (updates)

The organising team of Tradfest announce the lineup for the 15th event, which will take place in Dublin from Wednesday 22 to Sunday 26 January 2020, with 'new venues, more concerts, incredible headliners, and much, much more'. Tickets are now on sale.

For BIB readers, the incredible headliners include Della Mae (USA), who are scheduled for a concert in Lost Lane, Dublin, at 8.00 p.m. on Sun. 26 Jan. Della Mae (left) comprises Celia Woodsmith (guitar, lead vocals), Kimber Ludiker (fiddle), Jenni Lyn Gardner (mandolin), and Zoe Guigueno (upright bass).

Two nights earlier (Fri. 24 Jan.), Ron Block (USA) and Damien O'Kane will be at the same venue in a combined concert of 5-string and tenor banjo, as on their Banjophony album of a year ago. American and Irish music will also be combined on Friday night at the Button Factory, where Boxing Banjo (Dara and Mick Healy, Joseph McNulty, and Seán O’Meara) will present a 'blend of traditional Irish music and song, old-time and bluegrass music'. More details are on the Tradfest e-newsletter.

Update 17 Aug.: Tradfest 2020 has released a new single, 'Beautiful affair', as a YouTube video, confirming 'Trad' as a division of pop music. See the latest Tradfest e-newsletter.

Update 20 Aug.: Della Mae's latest release, the six-track The butcher shoppe, can be sampled on Bluegrass Today. For the two shows by Ron Block and Damien O'Kane in Ireland early this October, see here.

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