10 February 2019

We Banjo 3 - a short break from triumph

We Banjo 3, the originators of 'Celtgrass', announce that twelve of the shows in their 'Roots to rise' tour in the USA (see the BIB for 9 Jan.) have been completely sold out. They are returning to Ireland for two weeks' rest before the US tour resumes at the end of February - and three shows in March are already booked out. Much more detail is on their latest e-newsletter.

Photos suggest that Enda Scahill may at times be using a full-scale plectrum banjo - i.e. like a regular banjo but without the fifth string. In any case, We Banjo 3's banjos come from Tom Cussen of Clareen Banjos in Co. Galway (see the band's 'Equipment' web page). Tom also makes 5-strings.

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