26 February 2019

Mile Twelve news update

Following the news on the BIB for 9 Feb., Irish friends and fans of Boston's Mile Twelve (above) will be glad of the substantial new feature by John Lawless about the band and their forthcoming album (due out on 29 Mar.) on Bluegrass Today.

The article states: 'They are gearing up now for tour of England and Ireland next month, which will give them about twelve days overseas', and guitarist Evan Murphy is quoted as saying: 'David [Benedict, mandolinist] loves going over to that area since his fiancé lives in Northern Ireland.' However, as the BIB wrote on 9 Feb., the band's online tour schedule shows dates only in Britain from 14 to 24 March, with no indication there (or on the website of the True North agency, organising the tour) of any dates in Ireland.

Update 8 Mar.: The statement that the tour includes Ireland has since been dropped.

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