04 November 2018

'Browngrass' on ABC Radio

Following the BIB post of 12 Oct., thanks once again to Donal and Cornelia McKernan, who send this link to a sixteen-minute interview (with music) on ABC Radio in Australia about ‘Browngrass’ music, faith, drought, and family. It was recorded on Tuesday 23 October, when Donal and his father Joe spoke with Kelly Fuller of ABC Radio about their relationship with Appalachian old-time and bluegrass music. More about their two new 'Browngrass' songs can be read at these links:
www.bruderhof.com/en/voices-blog/l…unity/browngrass and www.bruderhof.com/en/voices-blog/l…stralian-drought.

Donal and Cornelia conclude their e-mail with the wish 'Peace & Courage' - especially appropriate as the centenary of the 1918 armistice draws near. Wilfred Owen was among those who died in the fighting on 4 Nov. 1918; see Dr Josh Levithan's incomparable blog A century back.

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