14 September 2018

Tom Ewing's 'gold standard' biography of Bill Monroe now out (UPDATE)

On 24 Apr. the BIB reported the welcome news, announced by Richard Thompson on Bluegrass Today, that Tom Ewing's Bill Monroe: the life and music of the Blue Grass Man was scheduled for release in September this year, in 656 pages with thirty monochrome photos, at $34.95 in hardback.

Richard Thompson now brings the even more welcome news that the book was published yesterday (13 Sept.), 107 years since the day Bill Monroe was born. Bluegrass historian Tom Adler writes an appreciation, ending:

Ewing’s book is, as of now, the ‘gold standard biography', and a copy belongs on the bookshelf of every real fan of bluegrass music.

Those who pre-ordered it will be hoping for its speedy appearance through the post.

Update 19 Sept.: Richard D. Smith, author of Can't you hear me calling: the life of Bill Monroe, Father of Bluegrass (2000) defends his biography on Bluegrass Today.

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