15 February 2012

High Plains Tradition coming in October 2012

The BIB announced on 11 Nov. 2011 that High Plains Tradition (USA), the fine band from Denver, CO, who made such an impact during their tour in the summer of 2010, were working on making a return trip.

The good news is that HPT will be in Ireland this coming October; they plan to arrive on the 18th and leave on the 29th. Event organisers should take the opportunity of presenting this very satisfying band, plenty of whose work can be seen on YouTube - again, the BIB recommends this for a starter. And for those who need another look at the band, here's their promo shot in full stage order (l-r): Bobbie Vickery, Doug Elrick, Mark Leslie, Steve Gilmore, and Kenny Pabst.



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