11 November 2011

High Plains Tradition - a tour in autumn 2012?

HPT on stage at Athy 2010: (l-r) Doug Elrick, Mark Leslie, Steve Gilmore, Bobbie Vickery, Kenny Pabst

High Plains Tradition, the fine band from Denver, CO, who made such an impact during their summer tour last year, send bluegrass fans in Ireland their good wishes and some good news: they're working on making a return trip. Guitarist Steve Gilmore writes:

Don't know how much excitement it will generate, but I know it is generating some excitement with us. We had such a great time in 2010.

At present, October 2012 is in view. Event organisers who'd be interested in presenting this very satisfying band should contact HPT via their website. Plenty of their work can be seen on YouTube - try this for a starter.

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