26 March 2011

Dust Busters return to Ireland, late June-early July 2011

Old-time string band the Dust Busters (USA) will return to Ireland at midsummer, performing at this year's Westport Folk & Bluegrass Festival (24-26 June) in Westport, Co. Mayo. The band were previously here for a short tour in September 2010: the BIB post for 13 August said:

The Dust Busters from Brooklyn, NY, consist of Walker Shepard (guitar, banjo, bantar, vocals), Eli Smith (banjo, guitar, bantar, manjo, autoharp, harmonica, vocals), and Craig Judelman (fiddle, pump organ, vocals). Their MySpace site comes with glowing endorsements from people who know what they're talking about when it comes to old-time music.

The Dust Busters will be glad of opportunities to play other dates in Ireland, north and south. Contact them by e-mail.

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