03 January 2023

Wookalily: New Year greetings, and festival concert on 20 Jan. 2023

Belfast's Wookalily send New Year greetings in their latest e-newsletter, and their message is:

With all the strife on planet earth, now more than ever it's important to make plans, set goals, and dream big. It's not futile or wishful thinking, it's hope. In times like these it's music, art, comedy, and creativity that sees us through and keeps us all going. So this year don't hold back, because we certainly hope to meet 2023 with excitement and positivity.

Other goodies in the newsletter include a link to their video for 'Ghost', released at Halloween, and also on YouTube; and a further link to tickets for their show at the Black Box, Belfast, on Friday 20 January at 1.00 p.m. - part of the 18th Out To Lunch Festival in the Cathedral Quarter of the city. Tickets (£10) include lunch.
© Richard Hawkins

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