30 January 2023

Bluegrass Tuesdays begin in Ringsend, Dublin, 7 Feb. 2023

Thanks again to Patrick Simpson of the Dublin Bluegrass Collective/ Bluestack Mountain Boys for the latest news of expanding bluegrass activity on the Dublin scene:

BREAKING NEWS! Starting 7 Feb. in The Oarsman, Ringsend, Dublin Bluegrass Collective aka The Bluestack Mountain Boys will be hosting a new mid-week open Bluegrass Jam from 8.00 p.m. We hope it's as great a success as our Sunday jam, which is great craic, and hope to bring some of the fun, atmosphere, and vibe to our new pickin' spot! #bluegrasstuesdays #musicianswelcome

The Oarsman is at 8-10 Bridge St., Dublin 4 (D04 N294), on the right bank of the Royal Canal. Its entry in the Dublin Publopedia blog is well worth reading. Congratulations to Patrick and the Collective for this new channel for the vitality of bluegrass in Dublin.

Update: Note the comments below.

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At 10:18 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel like I need to move to Dublin, this sounds great! Would love to see some jam nights in Cork someday

At 10:57 pm, Anonymous Richard Hawkins said...

I'm sure you'll be welcome at a Dublin jam any time you can turn up. But can Cork - once a powerhouse of bluegrass and old-time in Ireland - really have fallen silent?

BIB editor


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