14 November 2022

'The life of a musician' - a new route to access

Thanks again to Dave Byrne of mygrassisblue.com for this important addition to Saturday's post, facilitating access to the episodes of 'The life of a musician'. Bold type has been added by the BIB:

I’ve added a post to our site (recently updated) highlighting the sponsorship, and will be updating the post to include subsequent episodes when they are broadcast – episodes 1 through 5 are already posted. As far as I can tell, the videos will stream from the site, no problem (so far, so good), negating the need to visit the PBS site, register an account, and navigate to the episodes in question.


Apart from that, I’ll be in touch later this week with a flyer for the sold-out Billy Strings concert in Dublin in December (we’ve a few tickets to give away for that) and next week with a video interview we conducted with Jason Moore [right] during our Sideline tour in 2019. Unseen to date, I hope to broadcast it on the first anniversary of his death next Monday, 21 November, pending the approval of Mollie, his widow.

© Richard Hawkins

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