01 October 2022

Familiar voices from IBMA WOB

The BIB mentioned on 21 Sept. the coming issue of a second series of Banjo All Stars Trading Cards, with specially commissioned portraits by various artists of prominent bluegrass banjo players - and that the Bluegrass Trading Company Facebook has a nice picture of Greg Cahill, leader of the Special Consensus by Anna Magruder of Portland, OR. The portrait (right) is shown with three enlarged details.

Greg will be visible in the flesh in Ireland early in 2023; see the ample Special C. tour schedule on the BIB for 19 Sept. Meanwhile his voice can be heard in the eighth and latest (at the time of writing this post) of a series of Deering Live Shorts - interviews (generally ten to fifteen minutes long) with bluegrass banjo celebrities attending the IBMA World Of Bluegrass at Raleigh, NC. The full list is on the Deering Live Shorts page.

Among the many topics in Greg's interview, he stresses how good it is to see the growing numbers of talented young players now coming into bluegrass; and how good it is to work with Alison Brown when the Special C. records for her Compass label. Greg did a seventy-minute interview for Deering Live in June last year, which can be seen on YouTube.

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