04 August 2022

More from 'Banjo Month' on the BGS

As the BIB noted a week ago, the Bluegrass Situation online magazine has been celebrating 'Banjo Month' in July. A guest columnist contributed the feature 'Tray Wellington shares a list of banjo players thinking outside the box', stating in the introduction that Tray Wellington (right) has 'gathered a collection of current artists who are thinking outside the box, creating their own voice on the banjo in new and innovative ways, and striving to make the banjo a better-known and appreciated sound'.

The playlist comprises samples of ten tracks; of special interest to BIB readers, the fifth track is 'Finn's rescue' from the Foreign Landers' album Put all your troubles away, with the banjo (of course) played by Tabitha Benedict from Co. Armagh.

Also on 'Banjo Month', Kasey Chambers has an eight-minute cover (also on YouTube) of the Eminem song 'Lose yourself'. And to wrap up 'Banjo Month', the BGS staff proudly present a chapter from Max Wareham's forthcoming book Rudy Lyle: the unsung hero of the five-string banjo, due for release later this month (see the BIB for 23 July), which clearly shows its importance for the history of bluegrass banjo playing.

© Richard Hawkins

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