22 August 2022

Fiddle Fair at Cork Folk Festival, 30 Sept. 2022 (update)

Baltimore Fiddle Fair announce that to celebrate their thirtieth anniversary they will present a Gala Concert at Cork Folk Festival next month:

[...] with musicians from Sweden, Finland, Shetland, Scotland and from every corner of Ireland. As well as some great tunes we’ll also be bringing the Fiddle Fair vibe to the big smoke for what promises to be a very memorable evening. We hope you can join us!

The lineup is shown on the poster image, and full details of the artists, together with ticket booking links, are on the Fiddle Fair website. BIB readers should note the information on Lena Jonsson:

In the new generation of contemporary folk music, Sweden's Lena Jonsson is one of Scandinavia’s most influential fiddlers. Lena’s style is unique in combining her deep knowledge of traditional Swedish folk music and the youthful sounds of rock, pop, jazz, American old-time and bluegrass [bold type added by the BIB].

See this YouTube video, in which her trio plays compositions by the fine American chamber/ progressive string band Hawktail, whose latest album Place of growth is reviewed by Braeden Paul on Bluegrass Today and by Nancy Posey on No Depression.

Update 25 Aug.: An interview/ review feature by Steve Hochman on the Hawktail album, 'Hawktail's instrumentals add a storybook spirit to "Place of growth"',with four YouTube tracks, appeared yesterday on the Bluegrass Situation.

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