19 June 2022

The Raines at Galway Folk Festival

L-r: John O'Dwyer, Julia Erkonnen, Ruth Dillon,
Yvonne Tiernan, César Benzoni

Thanks to Roger Green (USA) for the following report. Roger brought his Annapolis Bluegrass Coalition band to Ireland on several tours in the past, and has recently been playing gigs with César Benzoni, including this year's Westport Folk and Bluegrass Festival. Roger and César will be playing today (Sunday 19 June) from 5.00 p.m. at Campbell's Tavern, Headford, Co. Galway. Roger reports that he and his wife Deborah

... were fortunate to attend the Galway Folk Festival last night [Fri. 17 June] and saw The Raines for the first time. It was a wonderful show and their three-part harmonies were 'angelic'. They were expertly accompanied by César Benzoni on mandolin and John O'Dwyer on double bass. John was very effective on a few songs when bowing the bass.

But, the highlight of the show for me (a dyed-in-the-wool bluegrass fan) was Juliana and César's rendition of Bill Monroe's 'Lonesome moonlight waltz' and Kenny Baker's 'Bluegrass in the backwoods'. They had the audience spinning in circles with that. They also performed the Raines' interpreted version of a Stephen Foster classic, 'Oh Susana', which was simply a delight.

Good stuff!

© Richard Hawkins

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