16 May 2022

Jerry Garcia in Ireland: the saga continues

The BIB has published several items over the years concerning Jerry Garcia's banjo-playing and/or a visit he made to Ireland. Readers can locate all these items by clicking on the label 'Jerry Garcia' at the end of this post. Research by Tim Rogers indicates that the visit was in 1994 (see the BIB for 15 Oct. 2019). In February 2022 a comment on the 2019 post was received from 'Charlie B', stating:

I visited a bar in Ramelton just north of Letterkenny Bridge Bar. There is a picture of Jerry in the bar of Jerry at that bar. Looks like 1993-94 pic of him. The owner told me he stopped in for a couple pints and he even played a few songs. I do have a picture of that photo. They did not know what he played.

At midnight last night, 'Anonymous' sent in a further comment in response to 'Charlie B':

What kind of guitar did he play in the Irish pub? Can you share a glimpse of the photo?

The BIB has no clue as to the identity of 'Charlie B' or 'Anonymous', and no way of contacting them, let alone putting them in touch with one another. Perhaps both of them will happen to look either at this post or the 2019 one...

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