07 March 2022

P. J. Coleman

The BIB learns with deep regret of the death of P.J. Coleman of Co. Meath, one of the most constant and devoted supporters of bluegrass music in this island. At any bluegrass festival and many minor events the chances were strongly in favour of P.J. being present; and if present, he would be instantly recognisable, with his hat, long hair and voluminous beard, his pipe, and his peaceful demeanour, looking like the most benign kind of wizard.

The sad news was posted last night by Uri Kohen on the Westport festival Facebook, together with the photo shown here. Another photo of P.J., taken at one of the Athy bluegrass festivals, is on Roger O'Sullivan's Facebook; and for many years a further photo of P.J. has been on the main web page of the Dunmore East bluegrass festival. More details will appear on the BIB as we receive them.

© Richard Hawkins



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