17 January 2022

More US news with an Irish link (updates)

Russ Carson (above), whose paternal grandparents were from Co. Cavan and Co. Antrim (see the BIB for 21 Aug. 2020) is featured in the first of a new series launched by Bluegrass Today under the title 'My favorite J.D. Crowe lick'. In a 3:38 video on Bluegrass Today and YouTube, Russ demonstates the lick he chose, as well as his personal feeling for the music of J.D.
Punch Brothers have released a video of the song 'Pride of Man', one of the tracks of their new album Hell on Church Street. The powerful result can be seen on Bluegrass Today, YouTube, and here. The song was written and first performed by Hamilton Camp (1934-2005), who is described as 'a British actor and folksinger'; though born in London, he was sent to the USA as a small child and his careers in music and acting seem to have been entirely there.
Two previous Omagh festival headliners, Dale Ann Bradley (current IBMA Female Vocalist of the Year) and Danny Paisley (current Male Vocalist of the Year) released last Friday on Pinecastle Records a duet single, the classic 'One by one' first recorded in 1954 by Kitty Wells and Red Foley. The track will appear on Dale Ann's forthcoming Pinecastle album. More details are on the Pinecastle press release.

Update 31 Jan.: The single 'One by one' can now be heard on Bluegrass Today and Soundcloud.
Kenny and Amanda Smith, also previous stars at Omagh, have released their new single 'Everything to me' on Farmboy Records, now available on iTunes and Amazon music (see their Facebook). More details are on their press release.
Update 26 Jan.: 'Everything to me' - a powerful song - can now be heard on Bluegrass Today and YouTube.
Kentucky's Local Honeys, who made a big impact at the 2019 Westport festival and other gigs in Ireland, and Bill & the Belles, featured at that year's Omagh festival (as well as being house band of the Birthplace of Country Music Museum's 'Farm & Fun Time' show) will be part of a ticketed live-stream concert on Thurs. 10 Feb. headed by the Legendary Ingramettes. The show will stream live on Radio Bristol's Facebook and YouTube, and tickets can be bought here.
Ken Perlman announces that the next two in his series of online 'Clawhamme Clinics' will be 'The real Round Peak' on Mon. 31 Jan. and 'Harmonized scales: using 3rds & 6ths to spice up your clawhammer arrangements' on Mon. 28 Feb.

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