07 December 2021

The Bitter Southerner's choice of 2021 albums

The Bitter Southerner online magazine has published its list of the twenty-one best Southern albums of 2021. The introduction states: 'Our list is filled with blues, folk, rap, and pop, but we think you’ll feel a soul-filled groove throughout these records. There’s also a little more mandolin and fiddle than usual.' The two bluegrass-related records on the list are no. 5, Watchhouse by Watchhouse (the duo formerly known as Mandolin Orange), and no. 12, Renewal by Billy Strings, whose music the BS describes as 'a renegade kind of bluegrass'. According to Watchhouse's tour schedule, their show in London on 20 Jan. is sold out, but tickets are still available for Glasgow the following night.

© Richard Hawkins

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