06 August 2021

Appalachian music on film and TV

Dale Farmer (right), creator of The mountain minor, the film drama about old-time music in Appalachia, sends his latest e-newsletter, which includes a link to an hour-long TV presentation (accessible on YouTube). In this, he presents many examples of how bluegrass and old-time music have been shown on TV and movie screens, often perpetuating comic or negative stereotypes of country people. In the last few minutes, he gives salutary comments on how one might react to the term 'hillbilly'.

Dale reminds us that The mountain minor, as well as being on DVD and Blu-Ray, is available for public or private screenings. This year has seen the emergence of the cicadas after seventeen years underground; you can find out from the e-newsletter why Dale finds it easy to identify with the cicadas.

© Richard Hawkins

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