16 July 2021

News of past visitors

Cedar Hill (right), the hard-core traditional bluegrass band from the Ozarks of Missouri and Arkansas, who have made several warmly acclaimed appearances at Omagh festivals and other venues here in the past, released their first single on the Mountain Fever Records label earlier this year; it went to #2 on the Bluegrass Today Top 20 song chart.

Mountain Fever now announce a new single from the band, 'Tend to my flowers', which is being released today (16 July). As the press release says, the song 'speaks about the heart-wrenching issues of Alzheimer’s disease and aging that many can relate to'.
Dale Ann Bradley, also an Omagh headliner, has made a video, released by Pinecastle, of the song 'Falling down' from her current album. The theme is the fear everyone has of falling and failure. The musicians taking part in the video include the splendid Jim Hurst, who toured here in 2019. The songwriter, Ashby Frank, toured here ten years earlier as mandolinist with the Special Consensus. It's a fine song, and this rendering is well worth seeing on video as well as hearing. You can do both on Bluegrass Today or YouTube.
Chris Jones & the Night Drivers (also touring here in autumn 2019 after performing at Omagh that year) brought out a week ago their new single, 'Riding the Chief', on the Mountain Home Music label, co-written by Chris and Thomm Jutz. It can be heard on Bluegrass Today and music streaming platforms.
Lluís Gómez, whose Barcelona Bluegrass Band became a favourite at successive Johnny Keenan Banjo Festivals, will be showcasing with his Flamencograss Quartet at this year's IBMA World Of Bluegrass (see the BIB for 1 July). A welcome taste of their music is the original composition 'La flor', dedicated to Lluís's father, which can be seen and heard on Bluegrass Today and YouTube. Warmly recommended.

© Richard Hawkins

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