03 July 2021

Jesse Brock (USA) launches Streamliner on Station Inn TV tonight

The BIB has carried posts recently about mandolin master Jesse Brock (who has visited Ireland several times in the past in different bands) and particularly about Jesse's album Streamliner, which is now available from his website. One of the ideas behind the album was to bring together a set of top musicians to make it; Jesse has taken a logical next step by forming this group into his 'Streamliner' band, including Greg Blake on guitar and Russ Carson on banjo.

The official launch party for Streamliner the album will be held at the world-famous Station Inn, Nashville, TN, tonight (3 July) at 8.00 p.m. Nashville time (2.00 a.m. on Sunday for viewers in Ireland), and the show will be streamed live on Station Inn TV. Tickets are $20.00 - the same price as the album.

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