07 June 2021

From the BGS: Chris Thile's Laysongs, the Foreign Landers

Chris Thile is chosen as Artist of the Month for June by the Bluegrass Situation (BGS) online magazine. The BGS staff provide a feature focused on Thile's latest Nonesuch album, Laysongs, incorporating the official video (also on YouTube) of 'Laysong' from the album, and adding 'The essential Chris Thile playlist' with thirty-seven tracks from his previous recordings. More detail on the album is on Chris Thile's website.
Also on the BGS, Tabitha Benedict contributes 'Mixtape: the Foreign Landers' transatlantic story', listing thirteen songs that are favourites of herself and her husband David Benedict, who form the duo The Foreign Landers. The songs can be heard on a playlist at the end of the feature, which also contains three videos of songs performaed by the Foreign Landers.

Update 8 June: Spiritual and religious themes are dealt with at greater length on No Depression by Henry Carrigan in his 'On "Laysongs", Chris Thile explores community and communion'.

© Richard Hawkins

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