08 April 2021

Bluegrass and more in the Bluegrass Situation

The latest Weekly Dispatch issued by the Bluegrass Situation (BGS) online magazine includes a further instalment of the series 'Bluegrass Memoirs' by the premier bluegrass historian, Neil V. Rosenberg. This is the second episode of his account of attending the 1987 Earl Scruggs Celebration in Boiling Springs, NC, in which he meets Earl's brother Horace and visits the Scruggs homeplace. Among the musicians taking part in the Celebration were Etta Baker and Snuffy Jenkins. Several YouTube videos of them are included in the Memoir.

The Bluegrass Situation also announces that Peggy Seeger (left) is its April Artist of the Month. A brief article on her has been prepared by BGS staff, with videos of two of her original songs: one, 'The invisible woman', accompanied by her two sons, Neill and Calum MacColl, and 'Gotta get home by midnight' from her latest album. There is also a link to 'The essential Peggy Seeger playlist' on Spotify, comprising twenty-seven songs.

BIB editor's note: Peggy Seeger has never been bluegrass, but she is one of the main reasons why I began trying to play the banjo.

© Richard Hawkins

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