08 March 2021

News of past visitors

East Public Relations announces the release by Billy Blue Records of 'Hear Jerusalem calling' by Joe Mullins & the Radio Ramblers. This is the first single from their all-gospel album Somewhere beyond the blue, which will be available from 7 May 2021. A video of 'Hear Jerusalem calling' (with lyrics on screen) is on YouTube and on John Lawless's feature on Bluegrass Today. More detail is on the press release.
The Mountain Home Music Company announce the release of 'Whither you roam', the latest single by Chris Jones & the Night Drivers. The song, a 'traveller's love song', can be heard in full on Bluegrass Today, and more detail is on the Mountain Home press release.

Following the last visit here by Chris and the band, Grace van 't Hof has been their banjo player. Their previous banjo player, Gina Furtado, and her band the Gina Furtado Project, released a new single, 'Gone' at the end of January, also on the Mountain Home label. The song can be heard in full on Bluegrass Today.
Again on Mountain Home, Sideline,'the embodiment of the North Carolina bluegrass sound', have released a new gospel single 'When the Son rose up that morning', telling the Easter story. As a small detail, it marks guitarist Skip Cherryholmes's recorded debut as a slide guitar player. More detail is on the Mountain Home press release and the song can be heard in full on Bluegrass Today.
Dale Ann Bradley, who had signed a multi-album deal with Pinecastle Records last summer, left Sister Sadie in December to pursue her solo career. Sister Sadie have since brought themselves back up to strength; their lineup is now Tina Adair (mandolin), Gena Britt (banjo; over here with Alecia Nugent in 2019), Deanie Richardson (fiddle), Jaelee Roberts (guitar), and Hasee Ciaccio (bass).

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